Acadian Cemetery and Chapel

Acadian Cemetery and Chapel

This historic attraction features the site of Clare’s first Acadian cemetery and first mass. In addition to a fenced cemetery area, the site features a commemorative cairn and a small wooden chapel (1892).

In 1755 life became unbearably difficult for the Acadians living in Port Royal. Pierre “Piau” Belliveau escaped in his boat with his family. They landed on this site, along with over 100 other refugees. The winter was grim and took its toll. It is believed that many died and their remains are likely resting in this area.

In the spring of 1756, fearing their whereabouts would become known, Pierre and the survivors set sail across the Bay of Fundy, venturing into New Brunswick.

Twelve years later, in 1768, Joseph Dugas and his family settled in Clare. By 1774 there were about 30 families between Saint Bernard and Church Point. This cemetery served the community until 1790.

This is a meeting place for the community used for religious services, celebrations and a place of pilgrimage for Acadian descendants.

Site improvements will be added during 2024 to help minimize flooding impacts.

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Address: 245 Doucette Point Rd., Belliveau Cove, NS